Videos zur Anwendung und Kalibrierung

Demonstration Videos are effective visual means for helping our users at ease on understanding for how to use Digi-Pas® products better and thus make the most out from it.

Below are demo videos and user self-calibration videos provided for easy reference. Some of these videos are also available online at YouTube for over 11,000 views.

Demo Video

DWL-80 Demo Video
DWL-100 Demo Video
DWL-130 Demo Video
DWL-180 Demo Video
DWL-200 Demo Video
DWL-2000XY Demo Video
DWL-3000XY Demo Video
DWL-3500XY Demo Video
DWL-2000XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video
DWL-3000XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video
DWL-3500XY Pc Sync Software Demo Video

Calibration Video

DWL-80 Calibration Video - Tutorial
DWL-130 Calibration Video - Tutorial
DWL-200 Calibration Video - Tutorial
DWL-600 Calibration Video - Tutorial
DWL-1000XY Calibration Video - Tutorial
How to calibrate DWL-1500XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-3000XY Video
How to calibrate DWL-3500XY Video
How to perform Absolute Level Setting
The correct way of using Digital Level