Digi-Pas Level App

Digi-Pas® Level App is a user-friendly application, easily installed in any smartphones or tablets running on Apple/Android operating system. Users can fully utilize the remote wireless Bluetooth mobile connectivity for various Digi-Pas® 2-Axis Precision Digital Levelling Devices to gain high productivity and quality alignment work.

This app has a FREE version (Digi-Pas Level) and a PAID version (Digi-Pas Level PAID). It instantly empowers machine installer to perform remote 2-Axis simultaneous levelling task, angle measurement, & 2D concurrent alignment activities by HALF the time, precision & 'one-man-operation' that traditional single-axis digital or 'bubble' levels are unable to match.

Digi-Pas Level App is now available for DWL-3000XY(Bluetooth Ver.), DWL-3500XY(Bluetooth Ver.) & DWL-8500XY; compatible firmware versions as follow:

  • DWL-3000XY: Firmware 4.0 & Above
  • DWL-3500XY: Firmware 4.0 & Above
  • DWL-8500XY: Firmware 3.4 & Above
  • NOTE: For app used in DWL1300XY and DWL1500XY models, please use another app named "Digi-Pas Machinist Level".

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Single Axis Angle Meter
Dual-Axis Angle Meter
Smart 2D Bubble®
Absolute level
(Single Axis Angle Meter Only)
Alternate Zero
Units Measurement Change
(Single Axis Angle Meter Only)
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Mobile Sync Apps Links/Download

Models: DWL 3000XY, DWL 3500XY & DWL 8500XY

Click here to visit Google Play Store to download the app Ver. 5.11(FREE)
Click here to visit Google Play Store to download the app Ver. 5.10
Click here to visit Apple App Store to download the app Ver. 2.3


  • Smart 2D Bubble®

    This feature allows user to view 2- axis angle/levelling measurement simultaneously in graphical Smart Bull's Eye (with auto range feature) and numeric formats - °(Degree), mm/M & In/Ft. units.

    The remote wireless Bluetooth and 2-Axis simultaneous measuring capabilities provide advantages that traditional spirit level is unable to match. Effectively, only one person is required to speedily level/align a machine in 2-Axis concurrently (i.e. completely eliminate trial-and-error - one axis at a time, experienced when using conventional single axis levels!) with quality and productive works.

    Available in Digi-Pas Level App (PAID version only)
    Unit measurement in Arcsec for DWL-8500XY

  • Single-Axis Angle Meter

    This feature allows user to view single-axis angle/levelling measurement in numerical and graphical display in °(Degree), mm/M & In/Ft. units concurrently on Android Device via wireless Bluetooth link (optional)

    Available in both Digi-Pas Level App (FREE & PAID versions)
    Not all Functions are available in Free version
    Unit measurement in Arcsec for DWL-8500XY